Cutting edge learning kits

Turn your hobby into real life industrial skill, build real life applications and use hands-on learning approeach right away.

Turn your hobby into a skill

Making projects is nice but turning them into useful real life applications - that's a whole new level, but not impossible - thanks to our kits.

Custom SaaS solutions

Business/Startup and don't want to inslave yourself to certain hardware/software combination? We offer Machine learning and data science powered SaaS solution for all your needs.

Eduponics Mini - Agritech kit

Our first ever kit based on the ESP32 microcontroller comes with state of the art industrial level sensors that will allow you to dig into the world of IoT and smart agriculture with ease. The kit includes with soil moisture, temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunlight, water quantity sensors and much more!

Build a smart irrigation system, automatic watering solution or collect field data for expiriments!

Coming sooon

We support organizations

Schools, Universities or learning centers - we got you covered.

Custom carricilum, larger quantity of kits or any type of customization - We are here to listen.
Contact us now and let us know your requirements, we'll do our best to assist!

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Raspberry Pi

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