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STEMinds soil moisture sensors are one of the market's most accurate and most affordable sensors allowing anyone to develop cutting-edge agriculture and IoT applications with ease.

currently are being produced and sold 2 types of soil moisture sensors, one is longer than the other one but both contain the exact same hardware design. The characteristics vary a little due to the different surface sizes.


  • Capacitive sensor (corrosion resistant)

  • Operation voltage: 5V (input)

  • Min voltage output: 0.987V for short and 0.561V for long

  • Max voltage output: 3.3V for both sensors

  • Min output value (analog): 1354 for short and 106 for long

  • Max output value (analog): 668 for short and 683 for long

  • Operation current: 7mA

  • Resolution (high value - low value): 514 for the short sensor, 577 for the long sensor.

Usage recommendations

The soil moisture sensor is an analog output sensor, we recommend using it together with the Eduponics extension board in order to enhance the stability and accuracy using the ADS1115 ADC that is built-in in the extension board