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53 x 71 mm


The Eduponics mini extension board is a smart agriculture IoT addon designed to enhance the core Eduponics mini features.

Sometimes you need to water more than a single plant. For that reason, we developed an extension board that comes with an extremely accurate ADS1115 ADC and MCP23017 IO extension IC. This capabilities enable the Eduponics extension board to provide extra IO and precise analog input for all your needs. The Eduponics Mini Extension Board comes with an extra four relays as well to control pumps/lighting and other digital appliances.

Board Specification

The extension board is designed to enhance the existing smart agriculture IoT capabilities of the Eduponics Mini ESP32 board.

The board comes with the following built-in features:

  • ADS1115 ADC chipset for precise analog data reading
  • MCP23017 IO chipset, connected directly to four relays and capable of activating and deactivating ADC sensors
  • External interrupt pins on data change for MCP23017
  • External interrupt alert on analog data changes for ADS1115
  • Four Relay modules with XH2.54 connectors and 5-24 V support
  • I²C interface (only two pins required)
  • I²C addresses changeable by changing resistors
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and other controllers

Smart agriculture IoT enhancement

The extension board works with any micro-controller and not only the Eduponics Mini ESP32. It’s the perfect solution for your IoT and smart agriculture applications needs.

Some examples of what the extension board is capable of:

  • Receive input from extra 4 soil moisture sensors using precise ADC
  • Control 4 different LED strips using the relays
  • Control water/oxygen pumps
  • Interface with pH / EC / TDS sensors and more …

Open source software

We’ve made MicroPython and Arduino C software freely available, the software I under an MIT license at STEMinds official github repository. We update the repository from time to time by adding extra applications and features as requested by the community.


STEMinds provides complete documentation at with step-by-step tutorials on how to get started with the Edupnics mini ESP32 IoT agriculture dev board. For any questions, concerns, or simply project showoffs, we offer a community forum as well.




53 x 71 mm

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