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53 x 71 mm


The STEMinds Eduponics Mini smart agriculture IoT kit is everything you need to get started building your own smart garden or IoT-powered hydroponics solution. Powered by an ESP32 module, The Eduponics Mini ESP32 board features an enormous amount of built-in sensors, all those sensors work together to turn your idea into reality and help you create a smart agriculture IoT development easy and affordable.

Eduponics Mini kit can help you develop and learn essential Industry-4.0 skills that matter the most. All this while building real-world applications that are extremely useful in your daily life. The Eduponics mini ESP32 smart agriculture IoT kit comes with everything you need to get started, in building your next IoT-powered smart garden or automatic watering system.

What’s inside the Eduponics mini agriculture IoT kit

The Eduponics mini smart agriculture IoT kit comes with the following hardware included:

  • Eduponics Mini Board
  • One STEMinds soil-moisture sensor (short)
  • Contact-less water quantity sensor and two-sided attachment sticker
  • Screwdriver for adjusting the potentiometer on the water-quantity sensor
  • 12 V submersible water pump
  • 12 V / 2 A DC power supply
  • USB Type-C data cable
  • Water hose for the pump
  • Water regulator to regulate the flow

Eduponics mini smart agriculture IoT dev board specifications

The Eduponics mini ESP32 board itself contains an enormous amount of sensors and modules, the board specification is as follows:

  • Integrated ESP32-WROVER module with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and an external antenna connector
  • Support 5-12 V power input via DC and USB Type-C interfaces
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE and MicroPython
  • XH2.54 2P Interface for the pump, integrated with built-in relay
  • XH2.54 3P Interface for soil-moisture sensor (or any other analog or digital device)
  • XH2.54 4P Interface for water-quantity sensor
  • On/Off and Reset switches and a “wake-up” button to resume from deep-sleep mode
  • Integrated I²C RTC DS1307 module (coin-cell battery not included)
  • Integrated I²C BH1750 I²C light sensor
  • Integrated I²C BME280 temperature, humidity, and barometric sensor (3 in 1)
  • Integrated I²C AT24C02 EEPROM
  • Extension pins for DHT11 / DHT22 sensors (DHT sensor not included)
  • IO Extension pins to connect extra sensors with 3.3 – 12 V output pins
  • Dimensions: 53 x 71 mm

Build smart solutions using the Agriculture IoT kit

The Eduponics mini ESP32 board supports a varied range of environmental sensors, thus its extremely useful for the applications below:

  • Automated smart plant and garden watering system
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart water irrigation systems
  • Hydroponics and aquaponics solutions (using external sensors, not included in the kit)
  • An IoT weather monitoring station
  • A smart fish aquarium or reef-monitoring system
  • For Research purposes to inform plant-growth and disease predictions

Custom hackable smart agriculture IoT mobile app

Eduponics comes with a companion app available for Android devices. The app is the perfect solution for remote IoT agriculture sensors monitoring. Using the app, it’s possible to customize the plant’s names and remotely monitor the environmental data of the plants such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and soil moisture. The app is available through the Google play store.

Open source software

Eduponics mini contains software in both Arduino C and MicroPython coding languages. The software is freely available under an MIT license in STEMinds official github repository. Currently, there is full support for MicroPython and partial support for Arduino C. All drivers are supported except the custom mobile app which only supports MicroPython at the moment.


STEMinds provides complete documentation at with step-by-step tutorials on how to get started with the Edupnics mini ESP32 IoT agriculture dev board.




53 x 71 mm

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