Soil moisture sensor for Eduponics (short)


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20 x 102.03 mm


Soil moisture sensor (short) For Eduponics Mini

The STEMinds Eduponics soil moisture sensor is a versatile, precise, and one of the best low-cost soil moisture sensors available on the market.

When we designed the sensor, we prioritized consistency, accuracy, precision, and long-term survival under different conditions. The Eduponics series sensors definitely stand upon the task. The sensor can work with multiple platforms including ESP32, Arduino, STM, and Raspberry Pi (external analog-to-digital might be required).

In the market, there are two common types of such sensors: capacitive and resistive. Our designed sensor is a capacitive sensor, which means it can be used continuously without the fear of corrosion.

This sensor is best compatible with the Eduponics Mini ESP32 development board.

hardware specification

  • Corrosion-resistant, Capacitive soil-moisture sensor
  • 5 V operating voltage, 3.3 V output (voltage regulator is built-in)
  • Highly accurate and precise sensor, suitable for long-term use.
  • Short Sensor dimensions: 20 x 102.03 mm

One thing to note about this sensor is that it doesn’t have any glue or covering over the circuit board. Do not submerge the sensor under water or expose it for long-term outdoor use under moisture conditions.

Comparison to other soil moisture sensors

We’ve compared a variety of sensors that are available in the open market. We’ve concluded that the resolution (precision) of the STEMinds soil moisture sensor is the most precise one due to its quality components and design. We can proudly claim we have one of the best soil moisture sensors for DIY hobbyists and makers in the market today.

a complete comparison is available on the Eduponics mini crowdfunding page.

Soil moisture sensor use cases and applications

There are many applications for such sensor, some of them includes:

  • Garden and plants soil moisture monitoring
  • Detection of water leak
  • Water level detection

Documentation and resources

Complete documentation is available at STEMinds official docs and the entire code is available both in Arduino C and MicroPython over our GitHub repository.

In any doubt,  question, suggestion, or problem we have the discussion forum available at all times.




20 x 102.03 mm

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