Eduponics mini 4 channel solenoid water valve extension board


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The IoT 4-channel IoT water valve extension Board provides additional IO support while also giving you control over an external valve so you can redirect water to whichever plants need it the most.  The water valve extension board was designed to work with the Eduponics Mini ESP32 board and is backward compatible with Eduponics mini ESP32 dev board v1.0. The solenoid water valve extension board is based on the PCF8574T IO Expander chip that controls MOSFETs. The MOSFETs power on and off each of the channels individually, allowing them to re-direct the water to multiple plants.

The product comes with one solenoid valve extension board and one 4-channel solenoid valve. This product is Crowdfunding on the Crowd Supply platform, subscribe on Crowd Supply for updates and stay tuned!

Usable for IoT watering applications

There are many plants watering applications that a smart water valve can benefit from, such as:

  • Smart garden – water multiple plants with a single pump
  • A drink dispensing machine – use a single pump to dispense 4 different drinks.
  • The valve works as an air pump as well and can pump oxygen into fish tanks or hydroponics systems.
  • Control water flow using a switch etc…

Eduponics IoT water valve specifications:

  • Based on the PCF8574T IO expander
  • Support for an additional four IO ports
  • Convenient Changeable I²C addresses using a DIP switch
  • Ability to connect multiple valve-control boards together (up to 4 valves)
  • Controlled by I²C interface with 12V and 5V input. (12V for valve, 5V for PCF8574T)
  • The solenoid valve operation current is 0.2A
  • The water solenoid valve outlet and inlet port diameter is 8mm

Open-source software and documentation

All the source code can be found on the STEMinds GitHub repository. The learning materials are all freely available in our official documentation.

In case you have any questions about the IoT water valve extension board or the solenoid valve device, do not hesitate to contact us. In order to answer questions more efficiently, we have a GitHub discussion forum built for and by the community.



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