Refund and returns policy overview

STEMinds does not sell products directly on its website nor do we fabricate or manufacture the products on the website by ourselves. We work with distributors and manufacturers to produce, test, and distribute STEMinds products worldwide. We monitor each production using custom inventory management software to ensure consistency. Each product is well-tested before shipping. We license the rights to manufacture our products to trustful distributers and fabrication facilities worldwide and while doing so we test each and every aspect of the process.

According to this, each distributor that we work with has its own refund and return policy, when you buy a STEMinds product from a distributor or supplier, make sure to check the return and refund policy of that supplier.

If a return or refund is confirmed, STEMinds will cooperate with the distributor to ensure a refund and return.

Communication with distributors

When the customer has technical troubles or difficulties with the product or the Refund and Returns Policy, we recommend contacting This will help us to understand what’s wrong with the product and assist in any way we can. If we confirmed it is indeed a hardware issue, we will refer the customer to communicate directly with the distributor/supplier to issue a refund / return the faulty item.

If communication with the supplier or distributor doesn’t work as expected, we will help the customer to negotiate and communicate with the distributor/supplier directly.

Refund and returns

Each distributor/supplier has its own refund and returns policy, before purchasing, we urge the customer to check the policies with the provider of STEMinds products.


We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at and provide us information to understand if the item is defective or damaged, once verified, we can help to communicate it with the supplier/distributor to offer a refund.

Technical issues

We offer a support forum at hosted in our GitHub documentation repository. If you encounter any technical issues, feel free to let us know either on the forum or through a private email. We will do our best to solve product-related technical issues in a timely matter.

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.