STEMinds is launching a brand new STEM resourceful website and it’s time for us to celebrate! 🎉

It’s been a while since we gave any updates. Our social media accounts went silent and the crowd supply campaign page hasn’t been updated since the end of the campaign. People started to worry their STEMinds bought hardware is outdated, unsupported, and deprecated.

Well, we have some news for you! STEMinds is back and we are here to stay, we are launching a brand new website to ensure that everyone has access to product information, documentation, and the forum at all times.

What’s been going on lately

2021 has been a difficult year for us, we struggled to scale and had a lot going on within our organization. For a single moment, we haven’t forgotten our dear backers and supporters. Anyone who emailed us knows he received a timely reply and a solution for any problem they had.

In late 2021 we released the STEMinds shop which didn’t go far. All the items in the shop were out of stock and no progress seem to be made. Running a startup, especially hardware – is hard. Combine it with component shortage, COVID19, and other unimaginable situations and it’s easy to understand why we struggled for the past half a year.

STEMinds went through enormous organizational change. The change includes the decision not to sell products directly through our home page. Instead, we cooperate with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to distribute STEMinds products worldwide.

STEMinds hardware

Our initial plan was to create a kit for each subject. We’ve decided to go with agriculture and IoT as the first ones. People had a need, especially for customers to create their custom watering solutions. We’ve created an app to easily turn the hobby education hardware into a consumer-like product. But from our experience, not many people have used the Eduponics app, backers have created their custom solutions instead.

We will continue to expand the Eduponics series with more modules and sensors, creating more scenarios not only for soil-based plant growing but also for Hydroponics and environmental monitoring sensors. We will continue to produce the best hardware for its value, using top-notch hardware to enable users to create long-term, high-quality, and precision monitoring solutions.

What to expect

We will be announcing the Eduponics v2.0 series soon, aiming for a second crowdfunding campaign. Based on previous feedback, we’ve created some exciting modifications. our backers asked for solutions for industrial uses with a waterproof enclosure that they could implement outdoors. And we can ensure our backers, that every comment is heard :)

We’ll be launching brand new Eduponics agriculture and IoT extension boards to enable enhance the plant growing experience for all. With our hardware, we’ll be expanding the STEM resources over our official documentation and we will top it up with educational videos on how to get started with the Eduponics series.

STEMinds LMS (learning management system)

At the beginning of 2023, we plan to launch our own LMS system that will enable anyone to register for STEMinds online courses and receive hardware to their doorsteps. The courses will contain a weekly zoom meeting, discussion forum, and assignments.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to receive a digital micro-credential (certificate). The certificate can be shared on various social media.

By creating those courses, we hope to provide students around the world with the ability to acquire hands-on learning skills. Using STEMinds hardware, students will be able to build meaningful, real-life scenario projects. We believe such abilities are crucial for our century, especially in times of global warming and food supply disruption. By enabling STEM authenticated hands-on learning courses,  our vision is that anyone will have the necessary skills to create an impact.

Suggestions and requests

If you have any requests or suggestions regarding STEMinds products or a new module you’d like to have. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to serve you 24/7 and ensure STEMinds products can bring you as much pleasure as they bring us.